Overweight waiters make you order more food, says study

Could restaurants could make more money by hiring fatter staff?

Overweight Waiters Cause Diners to Order More

The amount of food you order at a restaurant could be determined by the size of the person serving you, a new study has found.

Researchers at Cornell University in New York and the University of Jena in Germany found a direct correlation between the two.

The study revealed that diners who were served by a person with a high Body Mass Index ordered significantly more food than people who were served by lighter waiters/waitresses.

In fact, diners served by overweight waiters were four times as likely to order desert - and they ordered almost 20 per cent more alcoholic drinks.

Researchers believe that the server sets a social norm for the meal, and having an overweight server makes it more acceptable to order more.

Do you order more when you're served by a 'larger' person? Tell us in the comments below.

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