Three signs he's cheating on you

Could your partner be having an affair?

Three Signs He's Cheating on You

You know your partner - his schedule, mood and personality. Suddenly he's acting differently and maybe a little defensive. Is there another woman or is he just going through a life transition? Andrea Sytrash, KnowMore TV's Sex & Relationships expert, reveals three signs your partner may be cheating on you.

1. His schedule suddenly changes
"If he stays at the office extra late or takes off at the weekend to run cryptic errands, he may have a secret life," says Andrea. "And if he's defensive or full of long-winded excuses when you ask about it, take note."

2. He's protective of his technology
Pay attention to how he acts when you're near his computer or phone. "Does he quickly power off, close windows, or act skittish? He may be hiding something," says Andrea.

3. You have a gut feeling
Sometimes you just have a gut feeling that something is off. If so, there may be a reason why you're questioning where you stand in the relationship. "Pay attention to your gut, it may tell you more than he will," says Andrea.

If you're concerned, it's worth having a conversation with your partner, says Andrea. "While you may not hear what you want to hear, a least you can take a step towards respecting your relationship, and more importantly, yourself."

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