How to get your sex drive back after the menopause

How to Have Great Sex After Menopause
How to Have Great Sex After Menopause

It's common for women to lose interest in sex after going through the menopause. Dr. Evelyn Minaya explains two common complaints that may be causing your low libido, and what you can do about it.

Vaginal dryness
Following the menopause (officially when you've gone one full-year without a period), vaginal dryness can be common due to the decrease in circulating oestrogen levels. As a result sex can become painful.

"Don't be afraid to grab an over-the-counter lubricant. Silicon-based lubricants tend to last longer than water-based ones. If that doesn't do the trick, speak to your doctor or gynaecologist, who can prescribe an oestrogen cream or pill to ease dryness," advises Dr Minaya.

Weight gain and self esteem
Weight gain and feeling generally unhappy about your body is another major passion-killer for women. If you're not feeling sexy, you won't want to have sex.

"The truth is, your metabolism will slow down after menopause, so it's especially important to eat healthily and stay active during this time," says Dr Minaya.

"If you're eating well and exercising regularly, don't fret over a few pounds. But if you have five pounds or more to lose, it's never too late to commit to a sensible weight loss plan that provides support each step of the way. The more you take care of yourself, the better you will feel."

Natural products to boost your libido
There are several natural supplements you can buy which are designed to boost libido. Before you start taking any, it's best to consult with your GP, especially if you're taking prescribed medicines.

Maca Root
The ancient Peruvian herb Maca is celebrated for its ability to enhance energy and improve sex drive in both men and women. Limited studies suggest it may relieve some of the symptoms of menopause, as well as boost your libido.

Health Spark Maca Root (60) Capsules, £12.95

Lady Prelox
This plant-based supplement supports and restore healthy production of nitric oxide which encourages better blood flow. Key ingredients include rose hip extract and L-Arginine. Its makers claim to have seen positive results in 135 clinical trials, involving 10,000 study participants.

Pharma Nord Lady Prelo (60) Tablets, £37.95

L-arginine is an amino acid in supplement form that helps to dilate the blood vessels in the genital area, increasing flow to erogenous zones and helping to improve arousal.

L-arginine (50) Capsules, £4.45

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