12 wildly awkward sex confessions (video)

Get ready to cringe...

12 Wildly Awkward Sex Confessions
Most people have been involved in some type of awkward moment during sex.

But the Whisper app lets people make anonymous confessions - and they kindly decided to read some aloud.

Here are 12 cringe-making awkward sexual confessions:

1. While having sex with my husband this morning, he stops, looks me in the eyes and says, "We are like porn stars for God".

2. My boyfriend accidentally called me 'bro' during sex last night.

3. I just yelled my own name during sex... well this is awkward.

4. Yesterday I accidentally rolled onto our pizza while we were having sex.

5. My boyfriend drooled on me not once but twice during sex. I ended up ruining it by laughing too hard.

6. I stopped my boyfriend in the middle of sex so we could floss together.

7. My boyfriend once fainted during sex, I have no idea how long he was out before I noticed.

8. I once had sex in a field. We got interrupted by a horse that wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

9. I accidentally said 'Aww yeah, bitches' during sex with my husband.

10. I accidentally started singing the Pokemon theme song during sex. Thankfully my girlfriend went with it.

11. Once when I was having sex in a field, I had a screaming contest with a coyote.

12.So apparently something I said during sex last night sounded a lot like "Hey, Siri, call my dad".


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