Five foods you shouldn't eat if you have gout

These foods will make this painful condition worse

5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat If You Have Gout

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Gout is incredibly painful- but did you know that there are certain foods that can make it even worse?

The condition occurs when there is a build-up of uric acid in the blood, either because you're producing too much of it or your kidneys are not filtering it out of the bloodstream effectivelyThis build-up of uric acid causes tiny sharp crystals to form in and around joints - which then causes inflammation and pain.

Obesity, high blood pressure, kidney problems and diabetes are all linked to the condition - and you're also more likely to suffer if a relative has it too.

Eating lots of red meat, offal and seafood is a risk factor, as is drinking red wine and beer, so it's important to keep these to a minimum. This video tells you which foods you definitely shouldn't eat if you have gout.

What You Need To Know About Gout