How to peel a prawn properly (video)

You know you've always wondered...

How To Peel A Prawn

Ever been stumped about how to properly peel those pesky prawns?

Well, don't worry, help is here with our handy new video detailing exactly what you need to do.

The presenter talks you through, so get your prawns and just follow him.

He explains: "If you're peeling for the whole family, sit the prawns in front of you, put them in an ice bucket preferably if you're not too fast in peeling.

"There's no right way of holding a prawn, it's whatever you feel comfortable with.

"My dominant hand is my right hand, so I hold the prawn with my left.

"Start with the head. Take the head off, just sort of in a twisting motion. Head comes off, throw it out.

"Sort of hold the prawn to the side, and then lift the shell. There's two parts of it, just lift and lift. Then turn it back the other way. Holding the legs, it all comes off.

"And then, to de-vein it, just get your thumb in under, and pull it back."

Et voila, a beautiful fresh prawn ready to eat!

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