Harry to visit HIV hospital supported by his mother Diana

Prince Harry Visits HIV Hospital Close to Diana's Heart

An HIV hospital that was supported by Diana, Princess of Wales will be visited by her son Prince Harry today to mark the official opening of its new home.

Harry will tour Mildmay Hospital which has been at the forefront of specialist HIV care since 1988 when it became the first dedicated hospice for people dying of AIDS related illnesses.

Staff and patients moved into the purpose-built premises in east London in September last year and facilities include a 26-bed inpatient unit and day care services. Mildmay also has future plans to develop its education and training work.

Diana made many visits to Mildmay, both officially and privately, in an attempt to highlight the devastating illness and combat the stigma associated with it.

During his tour Harry will meet staff and patients and will see how the hospital's work has changed significantly in the last two decades.

Thanks to advances in antiretroviral drugs, Mildmay's focus has moved from end-of-life care to rehabilitation particularly for people with a HIV associated brain condition.

When the virus enters the brain it can cause symptoms similar to severe dementia but it is treatable and 80% of the hospital's patients with the condition return home to independent living with an improved quality of life.