Shy bladder syndrome? Privi-Pee to the rescue!

Could a cape help you feel relaxed enough to urinate?

'Privi-Pee' Will Help Your Shy Bladder Syndrome

Do you struggle to squeeze out a single drop in a public toilet, no matter how badly you need to go? If so, you're not alone. A recent survey suggests that 75% of men would rather use the stalls than the urinals, while 30% of guys admit to getting 'stage fright' when trying to pee next to someone.

Keen to spot a gap in the market, Plumbworld (yes, the bathroom retailer) has come up with an ingenious solution: The Privi Pee cape. You simply pull the cloak around you, attach it to the wall with suction cups, and then pee in private - taking you from Clark Can't to bathroom superhero.

There's just one problem. As men who suffer with shy bladder syndrome (or paruresis to give it the proper name), don't like anyone looking at them, we're not sure how wearing a modesty cape and fiddling about with suction cups will help.

According to Plumbworld's marketing department, the device is still in its planning stages and may be released as a "funny novelty product."

If you're a man or woman who suffers from shy bladder syndrome, there are resources available. Cognitive behavioural therapy is known to help many people. Contact the UK Paruresis Trust for information.

Bladder problems? Three products that may help:

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