Christmas craft tutorial: how to make an alternative Christmas tree

Save cash by using woodland finds

How to Make a Reusable Homemade Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be pricey, but with a little know-how - and a few woodland finds - you can create a cute alternative for next to nothing.

You'll need a few basic tools - namely a saw and electric drill - and materials, including screws, thin wire, and glue. Take a walk through woodland and gather bits and pieces from the forest floor, such as moss, pine cones, twigs, and fallen branches.

To create a base for the tree, you'll need a cut-off section of a tree trunk or branch. If you're not lucky enough to come across a pile of ready-cut wood in the forest, saw the end off a large fallen branch. The base should be wide enough to support the height of the tree you're creating.

Drill a hole in the middle of the base and use a screw to fix the branch to it - this will become the trunk of the tree. Next, drill holes into the trunk where you will attach twigs. Remember to drill down at an angle, so that they don't fall out. Push the twigs in firmly until secure, using glue to hold them in place if necessary.

Pine cones (dusted with bronze glitter) and toy woodland animals make perfect decorations. Attach to the branches of your tree using fine wire. You can also glue woodland decorations to cut-offs of wood, and cover them with moss.

Three woodland-themed Christmas decorations:

Hand Finished Owl Decoration, £3

Gisela Graham Bristle Animals Hanging Decorations, £4.75 each

Bristle robin Christmas tree decoration, £6.49

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