There's no distinction between 'male' and 'female' brains, says study

Study of more than 1,400 people reveals surprising similarities

Study Finds Idea Of 'Male' And 'Female' Brains Is Unfounded

It has long been believed that human brains are either male or female when it comes to cognitive function - but a recent study has found that this just isn't true.

Daphna Joel, a psychologist at Israel's Tel-Aviv University, and her colleagues analysed MRI scans from four separate studies comprising a total of more than 1,400 people.

They and found that while there are some distinct brain differences between men and women, there's no such thing as a distinctly 'male' or 'female' brain.

The fact that there was so much overlap between characteristics of 'male' and 'female' brains suggests that most people don't fit into one of these two categories.

Instead, the researchers wrote, each brain "is a unique mosaic of features, some of which may be more common in females compared with males, others may be more common in males compared with females, and still others may be common in both females and males".

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