Men fake orgasms, too. Really.

Men Fake Orgasms, Too
Men Fake Orgasms, Too

Ladies, it's not just us who can put on a performance worthy of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally - men fakes orgasms too, says a new report.

A recent article suggests there's a large number of men who fake orgasms, with around 28 per cent of men admitting to doing so at some point.

The figure is low compared with the 67 per cent of women who admitted faking orgasms in the University of Kansas study, but it's still a relatively sizeable number.

Jeff Abraham, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals told the Huffington Post: "Everyone has the feeling that if they don't orgasm, they're disappointing their partner, or it may be perceived as a lack of skill on their partner's part.

So it's not so much as personal disappointment, but they want to please their partner.

Sex author Yvonne Fulbright says she believes more than 28 per cent of men have faked orgasms but just haven't admitted it.

She said: "Men are expected to function sexually like well-oiled machines, so it's really hard for men to 'fess up if they are experiencing problems."

One man, Elijah Batchelor, talked to the Huffington Post about why he has faked orgasms in the past.

He said: "One of the first times I can remember it happened because I thought, 'crap, if it doesn't happen now, this is going to be really awkward'."

Elijah added that he's sometimes just too worried about his partner having pleasure that his "nervous system takes over" and he can't climax himself.

He admitted to faking an orgasm around 10 to 12 times.

He added: "For a man it's a lot harder to fake an orgasm because you have evidence in the form of ejaculation to show for it."

When asked how he actually fakes an orgasm without a partner knowing he explains: "You go through the motions and make the moan, or gasp or whatever your orgasm sound is, and then you just really quickly slip the condom off and hope that they don't notice."

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