How to make gravy ahead of Christmas Day

Gravy being poured from gravy boat
Preparing a good supply of gravy in advance can help you cut down on last-minute tasks on Christmas Day. Knowing that you have it sitting in the freezer can also keep stress levels down and let you get on with other tasks.

The recipe above, adapted from one by Jamie Oliver, can be made at any time and stored in the freezer, ready to be defrosted on Christmas Day. Alternatively, take it out of the freezer on Christmas Eve and allow it to defrost slowly overnight in the fridge.

If you prefer to make it on the day, Gordon Ramsay's homemade Christmas gravy recipe offers a flavourful alternative and uses multiple tricks to extract every last drop of savoury deliciousness from the contents of the roasting tray.

He also shares his top tip for roasting a turkey, first shown to him by French chefs in Paris when he was just 21.

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