Woman, 51 stone, who ate to please her feeder boyfriend, loses 16 stone

“I was dying a slow death” says Patty Sanchez

Former Weight-Gain Queen Drops 240lbs To Save Her Life

A woman who purposely put on weight in order to please her boyfriend has lost 16 stone after ending the relationship - and saving her own life.

At her heaviest, Patty Sanchez weighed 51.5 stone, having spent years steadily eating an estimated 13,000 calories every day.

At one point she wanted to be the largest woman in the world, believing the bigger she got the more she would be loved.

"He told me that he had fantasies about being with a girl and making her fatter," she says of her ex. " I felt sexy and was happy that I was pleasing him.

"Ninety per cent of our relationship revolved around eating – I loved to cook and eat and he loved to watch me eat and rub my belly.'

Now she is losing weight, the 51-year-old mother of four says it has not only significantly enhanced her health but also her family life.

"I was dying a slow death" says Patty, who ended up bed-bound and losing all independence, and causing her sons great concern.

One son sums it up: "Her boyfriend's fantasies and her co-dependency on him were getting out of hand". He is now helping his mother to lose weight and start living again.

Patty says she is delighted to have changed her life so radically.

"Now I can do things that people take for granted that I couldn't do – like walk, bathe, and paint my toenails which I couldn't reach for years," she says.

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