What's causing your itchy scalp?

You might be surprised by what's making you scratch

What's Causing Your Itchy Scalp?

Everyone gets an itchy scalp from time to time. If you notice that you're scratching more than usual or the itching is severe, there could be an underlying cause.

When it comes to an itchy scalp, you might be embarrassed to see your GP but it's important to get checked out, says dermatologist Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd. "More severe and common reasons for a dry scalp might be psoriasis or lice, which should be treated by a doctor."

If you find yourself scratching every now and then, and don't see any signs of dandruff, you may have a less severe reason for feeling itchy on your scalp.

Check your diet
Your diet can make a big different to your skin, as well as your health in general. Being low on vitamin B, vitamin D or zinc may lead you to have a dry scalp that can cause you to itch.

Dr. Woolery-Lloyd says: "Try loading up on foods that are high in vitamin B, like eggs and milk, and high in vitamin D like orange juice. Crab, cheese and beef are perfect zinc boosters and may help prevent an itchy scalp."

Take care washing your hair
If you feel the need to scratch your scalp, even after washing it regularly, you might want to check the type of shampoo and conditioner you're using.

In colder winter months, apply a little more conditioner to the hair, as this will help it stay hydrated and give it more oil to lubricate the scalp. Avoid washing hair in hot water as it can strip the hair of natural oils, causing your scalp to be more dry and sensitive.

You may also be allergic to fragrances or preservatives found in common hair products. Opt for perfume-free formulas designed for sensitive skin.

"Although rare, an itchy scalp can lead to hair loss or scalp damage. Always consult your doctor if you have excessive itching, or a burning sensation on your scalp," adds Dr. Woolery-Lloyd.

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