Bride trashes wedding dress after fiancé calls off wedding by text

Doing the 5k colour run was 'liberating'

Bride Trashes Wedding Dress After Fiancé Called Off Wedding Via Text

There's only one thing worse than your fiancé saying he doesn't want to marry you – and that's being told by text message.

Seven days before her wedding, Kilee Manulak's ex-fiancé sent her a text message saying he no longer wanted to marry her. Kilee, though heart-broken, didn't sit around feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she joined the 5K colour run in Tampa, Florida - trashing her gown in the process.

Kilee did the run, where participants are splattered with brightly coloured paint, along with her mother, stepfather, bridesmaids and even the woman who custom-made her wedding dress.

Kilee told HuffPost: "Luckily I have a really good support system and a really good family."

She now plans to have the colourful dress cleaned (that's going to take a LOT of Vanish Gold) and will donate it to charity.

"I thought it was going to be sad putting on the dress but I was not sad at all," she said. "It was liberating."

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