Miscarriage researcher makes plea for women's help


Women who have suffered a miscarriage are being urged to contribute to research into the issue.

Experts are hoping to gain insight into what should be the main priorities for research into miscarriage, which affects around one in six pregnancies among women who know they are pregnant.

Dr Matthew Prior, from the University of Nottingham, has formed the Miscarriage Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) and wants to hear from women affected by miscarriage as well as healthcare professionals.

The first step is a survey that can be completed online. The responses will be analysed to identify the top 10 unanswered questions about miscarriage.

Dr Prior said: "Every question submitted is valuable and will help inform future research. Effective research can improve care and treatment, making a real difference to women's lives."

Women can visit www.MiscarriagePSP.org to submit their answers.