Two-legged rescue puppy gets a wheelchair

Tumbles the puppy gets a whole new lease of life thanks to this invention

Rescued Two-Legged Puppy Gets Life Altering 3-D Printed Wheelchair
Meet Tumbles, an adorable rescue puppy who has only two legs.

Thanks to the kindness of his new owner, the pup, who was born with his front legs missing, is now able to roll around and enjoy life - and it's all down to a brand new new 3-D printed wheelchair.

Two-legged Tumbles was rescued when he was just 14 days old.

The puppy learned to walk on his own using his nose and back legs but a vet recommended a wheelchair.

The Ohio University Innovation Center's 3-D printed Tumbles a customized two-wheeled cart was just the ticket.

His carers say that Tumbles will undergo physical therapy so he can continue to get used to the wheelchair.

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