How to tuck your shirt in properly

Banish those untidy lumps and bumps in your trouser area

How to Tuck in Your Shirt the Right Way

At last - the secret to tucking in your shirt.

This life hack video tells you how to banish all those unwanted lumps and bumps in your trouser area and leave you comfortable for the whole day.

These tips are handy but it's important to note that starting with the right shirt is important; it needs to be the right size or there will be too much extra material to tuck in. Too small and it will keep riding up out of your waistband.

To make life even easier, treat yourself to some non-iron cotton shirts like these:

M&S: Pure cotton tailored fit non-iron shirt. Buy two for £60.

BHS: Dark pink check regular fit smart shirt £22

House of Fraser: Austin Reed Oxford shirt, 100% cotton,£59.99

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