Eye surgery patients left blinded by botched surgery

An estimated 41 patients underwent eye surgery in Spain for detached retinas

Eye Surgery Gone Wrong: 41 People Left Blind

What should have been life-changing eye operations have left several patients blind or partially blind for life in Spain.

An estimated 41 patients who underwent eye surgery in Spain for detached retinas have been left with serious injuries caused by a sterile fluorocarbon compound Ala Octa used during surgery.

It is believed the fluid caused damage to retinal tissue and the optic nerve.

At least one man is completely blind.

Carlos Gomez Menchaca, a lawyer for the victims, said: "We think that 100 people have been affected. 41 cases have already been confirmed by the Spanish Health Ministry. They have the same symptoms and the same damage. It is irreversible and permanent.

The product, from German company Alamedics, has been recalled by Spanish and German authorities.

The cases were reported at 11 health facilities, primarily in the Basque region near the French border.