How to find the right glasses for your face shape

Choosing the right specs can make a big difference

How To Find the Right Glasses For Your Face

Best frames for men: Style advice
Choosing a pair of glasses used to be easy – you pick the shape you like (rectangle or round) in the material you like (plastic or metal) and try on a few pairs until you find one that looks good. These days, it's not so simple. With so many different shapes and materials to choose from, finding the perfect pair can be tricky.

Luckily, eyewear designer Garrett Leight is on hand to help. See him choose the best frames for four stylish gentlemen and read on for a quick guide to face-shapes.

Your face shape
"The general rule is to go for the opposite of what your face shape is," says Garrett. That way your glasses will help to balance your most prominent features.

Those with an oval face (where the forehead is slightly wider than the jaw and the chin is rounded) are lucky as they can wear pretty much anything. Their naturally balanced proportions can carry off any style - round, rectangle, rimless, take your pick.

If you have a round face opt for glasses that will give the appearance of a narrower, longer shape. Rectangular-shaped frames are best for providing definition.

If you have a strong jaw and broad forehead, opt for a shape that will soften your angular appearance. An oval or round frame can work well.

Colours and more
Aside from the shape of your face, skin tone and hair colour should also be taken into account. Again, think about opposites.

"A dark tortoise frame on lighter skin and a lighter tortoise on dark skin can work well," says Garret. Black can be harsh, especially if you go for a high-shine finish. "I usually prefer matt black as it doesn't have that extra glossy 'pop' to it," says Garret. "If you're choosing a thick frame, maybe go for less of a strong colour."

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