Christmas gift ideas: Funny presents for pranksters

These daft presents are perfect for injecting some humour into the festive season


Want to give someone a good giggle this festive season? Whether you're after a daft Secret Santa gift, some silly stocking fillers or you just fancy winding up a mate with a cheeky surprise or two, you've clicked on the right link.

We've selected 20 of the funniest novelty items on Amazon for Christmas 2015 so you're bound to find the perfect side-splitting gift for your favourite comedian. Scroll down for our ultimate jokey wish-list and take your pick.

Taking tacky to whole new depths, this tinsel and bauble-covered Christmas tree hat should definitely raise a few laughs.

Get the Smiffy's Christmas Tree Hat with Star Tinsel and Baubles now for £4.81

The fun-packed and stomach-churning I'm a Celebrity... Official Bush Tucker Trial game comes complete with delectable dried crickets, locusts and mealworms - not for the faint-hearted!

Get the I'm a Celebrity... Official Bush Tucker Trial now for £18.99

Buying for someone with a pet feline? This Cat Laptop scratch toy by Suck UK should go down a storm with the kitty and give the owner a lot of laughs.

Get the Suck UK Cat Scratch Laptop now for £18.95

Bag this Lionel RichTea– Hello is it tea you're looking for? mug and give that lucky person a little chuckle with their brew.

Get the Lionel Richtea Mug now for £3.49

Yes, it's very shady and cruel but if you're really keen to wind up a friend or family member, slipping one of these fake winning lottery tickets in their Christmas card should do the trick.

Get the Joke Lotto Tickets now for 90p

Want to surprise someone and give yourself a laugh in the process? Pop the real pressie in this prank gift box and make sure you're around when they unwrap it to witness their face drop.

Get the Dream Griddle Prank Gift Box now for £10.50

This cute little piggy is a very handy tabletop vacuum cleaner that just loves to gobble up wayward crumbs.

Get the Kitchen Craft Pig Tabletop Vacuum Cleaner now for £5.99

Why not surprise someone with this stealthy joke calculator? It works like a regular calculator but when you press the CE button, it displays cheeky things such as "Say please" and "You're thick".

Get the Gagulator now for £8.58

After something funny for a golf enthusiast? Opt for the Potty Putter – it most certainly beats reading the paper or playing with a smartphone while sitting on the loo.

Get the Potty Putter now for £6.48

Inject some high octane glamour into their cleaning chores with these daft and glitzy washing up gloves.

Get the Glam Pink & Pearly Washing Up Gloves now for £5.90

How's this for a fun nerdy gift for the office joker, or perhaps a musical muse? A silly musical tie. The tie features touch-sensitive technology and eight musical notes.

Get the Musical Tie now for £9.39

Want something fun for a dog owner? This quirky gift pack contains everything they'll need to create hilarious canine selfies.

Get the Dog Selfies Gift now for £7.22

Already spent ages looking for the ideal gift for that person who has absolutely everything? Erm, why not just get them nothing?

Get the Nothing Gift now for £6.21

For hours of fun, look no further than this wind-up racing grandma and speeding grandpa gift set.

Get the Bluw Racing Granny with Speeding Grandpa now for £9.42

When it comes to naff Christmas pressies, we reckon it would take something really daft to beat this pair of Silly Sandal Socks.

Get the Silly Sandal Socks now for £4.49

One for the pampered pooch, this doggie umbrella will keep Fido dry and have his owner in hysterics.

Get the HappyLife Pet Umbrella now for £13.88

This Grow Your Own Boss gift will make for a great Secret Santa pressie unless of course you get lumbered with your actual boss.

Get the Grow Your Boss Gift now for £1.90

No jokey Christmas gift round-up would be complete without a cheesy mankini – we're digging this extra-festive version.

Get the Cheeky Santa Mankini now for £9.44

A gross but cool gift idea for a green-fingered friend, this box contains reindeer manure and Christmas tree seeds. The recipient just has to sow the seeds in the poo to grow the trees. Nice!

Get the Reindeer Poo in a Box Gift now for £8.44

This kooky paint tube doorstop is a super-clever sight gag – from a distance it really does look like the real thing.

Get the Bluw Paint Tube Doorstop now for £11.99