Three beers that can actually be good for you? We'll drink to that!

Craft beer, Indian Pale ale and Dark beers may be just what the doctor ordered

3 Beers That Can Actually Be Good for You

Red wine may steal the headlines (thanks to the heart-protecting flavonoids in red grapes) but it's not the only alcohol that's good for you. From lowering cholesterol levels to warding off cataracts, beer can be surprisingly healthy.

The List's Holly Morgan talks with US beer aficionado, Chuck Noll, who picks his three favourite beers and explains why they're good for you.

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Craft beer
Stronger than their commercial cousins, craft beers tend to be higher in alcohol content and have more body and strength. They also pack a health punch. Full of vitamins and minerals, craft beers can contain up to 30% of your daily recommended fibre intake and can help lower your cholesterol levels.

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Dark beers
If your dear old mother swore by a pint of stout, it seems she was on to a good thing. Dark beers, such as Guinness, contain two to three times the amount of flavonoids from the roasted barley which can help combat cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

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India Pale Ale (IPA)
Make yours a pint of IPA and you're on to a winner. India Pale Ale is one of the healthiest beers around because of what's in the hops. The wonder ingredient is the compound xanthohumol, which helps to prevents cataracts and keeps the bad cholesterol, HDL, from oxidizing and forming in your arteries, thus helping to prevent heart disease.

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Just give me a beer!
Don't like any of the types mentioned? No problem! All beer has benefits, when consumed in moderation. Unlike many of the foods we eat, folic acid in beer is 100% available to the body, whereas you only get about 25% of that same acid when eating a tomato.

So next time you need a health pick-me-up, forget the salad... have a pint.

Please remember to drink responsibly

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