Record breaking rabbits: see angora bunnies get blow-dried

These prize winning rabbits are awe-inspiring

Record Breaking Rabbits: Angora Bunnies Get Blow-Dried

Talk about pampered pets. These angora rabbits have an owner who is so devoted to her 50 angora rabbits that she's not taken a break from grooming them for decades.

70-year old Betty's angora bunnies are her pride and joy. She lives with her pets in San Jose, California, and is so busy caring for them that she hasn't taken a holiday with her husband in more than 20 years.

Betty has dedicated the past 34 years to breeding prize-winning English and French angora rabbits and blow dries them every day. Competing in around 40 shows a year, she has won dozens of trophies, and is even in the Guiness Book of Records.

Prize-bunny Franchesca made it into the record books last year, with hair measuring 14.37in.

"A quality angora rabbit's hair can grow by an inch each month. If you're serious about showing a rabbit, it's preferable to groom them every day," says Betty.

Unfortunately, Franchesca had to be given a 'short back and sides', rather than her usual blow dry recently. Betty explained: "The boyfriend does not have the equipment to find her hidden treasure with her long coat, so she had to go naked in order to be sexy."

Betty adds: "She's not as pretty as a year ago but she is very accomplished and has perfect, perfect babies. What else can you ask for, from a rabbit?"

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