Fat-busting superfoods that make you feel full

These foods can stop you feeling hungry, says a top nutritionist

4 Super Foods That Will Make You Feel Full

Dieting can be torture. Controlling your portions, counting calories and saying no to sweet treats can be agonizing and is often doomed to failure.

In this video, sports nutritionist Joanne Sgro-Lilworth gives her top list of foods will fill you up.

"The challenge of losing weight is that when you scale back, you tend to be hungrier more often," she says.

Joanne, who has been on a weight loss journey of her own, says the best way to fight that famished feeling is to make yourself feel full - and her list of four top 'superfoods' will help you do just that. They are:

1. Eggs. On average, people who eat eggs for breakfast consume 330 fewer calories throughout the day than those who eat a bagel. "Be sure to include the yolk because that's the thing that's going to make you feel fuller for longer. If you just eat the whites, the chances are you might have some cravings a little bit later."

2. Greek yoghurt. A recent study found that consuming dairy protein helped curb cravings and also helped balance blood sugar levels. "It's also very versatile. You can put it with avocado to make guancamole, you can put it on tacos, and you can also use it in place of soured cream for dips.

3. Baked potatoes. "The potato has kind of got a bad name, usually because it comes in the form of a french fry or chip," says Joanne. To feel even more full, leave the skin on - it's packed with nutrients your body loves.

4. Popcorn. Eating popcorn is another great way to trick your tummy into thinking it's full. You can eat loads of it: an ounce popcorn has only around 90 calories.

Three gadgets to help make losing weight that little bit easier

Liquidising your fruit, veg and nuts can make them much more enjoyable - and drinking a nutrient-rich smoothie is a great way to fill up fast. The Nutribullet is one of the most popular brands on the market at the moment: you name it, it can liquidise it.

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