The fastest way to peel an egg

Fastest Possible Way to Peel an Egg!
Fastest Possible Way to Peel an Egg!

Calling all boiled egg fans: this life hack video will transform your life and improve it beyond all recognition.

Yes, you're about to discover the most invaluable cooking hack you're ever likely to come across.

Until now, you thought the the only way to remove the shell of a boiled egg was to spend seconds - nay, minutes - of your precious time peeling minuscule bits of shell off the darned thing, right?

Wrong. There is a way to remove the pesky stuff in the blink of an eye.

Turns out that the trick is not to 'peel' them at all. You just need to add water, shake it about a bit in a glass and hey presto, out it pops.

Feeling inspired? Here are three low-cost kitchen peeling products you never knew you needed

Anelectric potato peeler (above) - surprisingly cheap and makes a pretty job of peeling all your veg.

This apple corer and peeler (above): a must-have for apple pie fanatics.

Apineapple peeler, corer and spiraliser - who can live without one of these?

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You're Doing It Wrong: Mincing Onions