How to get a younger looking haircut

Knock five years off your face


How to Get a Younger Looking Haircut

There are two tricks to taking five years off your face. Beauty and Style expert Nicole Pearl, in her mid 30s, shares her secrets - and they start with her temples.

When we're young, she says, our temples are really full and wide. A wider head gives you a youthful looking appearance. But as we age they get shallow and hollow, and that has been referred to as 'peanut head'.

She has two quick tips to repair this. Wearing glasses or sunglasses is a good way to mask your sunken temples, as the frames cover them up.

"I love my glasses because when I put them on the frames really hide my temples, and suddenly I look five years younger," she says.

'face-framing layers'

Her other tip is to tweak your haircut, as it's a natural way to take the years off. Her advice is the next time you see your hair stylist, you should ask them for 'face-framing layers'.

This really helps to add depth and dimension to the size of your face and it also hides your temples.

Layers that frame the face also allows you to create lots of different hair looks and, most importantly, it really helps to knock the years off.

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