Inexpensive tricks to brighten your smile

4 Inexpensive Tricks to Brighten Your Smile

Everyone wants a bright white smile and usually that means special equipment or chemicals, or an expensive trip to your dentist. And who likes going to the dentists?

Of course you can use whitening toothpaste as well, but there are ways to make those pearly whites shine with some tricks you can find at home in your kitchen cabinet.

Eat 'detergent foods'. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and cucumbers actually act like tooth brushes. The mechanical action of eating them will physically scrub the plaque off your teeth.

They also require a lot of work from you teeth, which helps destroy germs. The chewing off these foods increases saliva which helps to wash away bacteria and plaque.

Rinsing your mouth with apple cider vinegar can help reduce stains. Not just for using in salad dressings, you can mix one part vinegar and two parts water and then swish around your mouth for a minute or so.

But make sure to thoroughly rinse with water afterwards to get rid of that acidic vinegar which can harm your teeth.

Coconut oil. Nature's mouthwash, coconut oil has lauric acid contained in it which breaks down bacteria in the mouth. You can switch it around your mouth for a few minutes.

Baking soda, as well as good for cleaning a host of stains from carpet to clothing, can also clean your teeth. A tablespoon of baking soda and two of hydrogen peroxide when mixed together can make an effective whitening toothpaste.

But don't overdo it. With baking soda, less is more.

Brighten Your Smile With These 5 Foods

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