Rainy day play ideas


Children in a family home.  Three children sitting at a table using glue and paint to create decorations.

Keeping the kids entertained during October half-term doesn't have to be a challenge. Even if it's wet outside, there are lots of ways to keep your little ones busy. Read on for our pick of indoor activity ideas. It's time to turn the TV off...

Make a scrap book
Thanks to digital cameras and social media, the days of the treasured family photo album are numbered - but creating a scrap book can be lots of fun and lovely to look back on when children are older. Pick a theme, such as a pet or holiday, and cut and paste family photos, along with keepsakes and fun stories from newspapers into a book.

Produce a time capsule
Making a time capsule is a good way to get them thinking creatively. You don't need anything special – a metal biscuit tin makes a good container. Ask the children to write about what they want to be when they grow up and draw a picture of what they think the world will look like in 20 or 30 years' time. Add a copy of today's newspaper, photos and old toys. You can then bury it (just remember where!) and dig it up in the future.

Give me a make-over
Dressing-up is a favourite with little ones and taking 'before' and 'after' photos makes it even more enjoyable. If you don't have dressing-up clothes, let them raid each others' wardrobes or make a few bits - capes, masks and hats are all pretty easy to make. If you're not sure how, a quick search on Youtube should bring up some easy-to-follow demos.

Have an indoor picnic
Toddlers will love putting their plastic tea set to good use, while older children will have fun creating some tasty treats in the kitchen. Choose something that everyone can have a hand in making – pizzas or cupcakes are good choices. While it's cooking, lay a blanket on the floor and get your picnic stuff ready.

Make a reading den
If it's too wet to venture outside, make a reading den in the corner of a room instead - pile up cushions on the floor and create a roof by draping sheets between pieces of furniture. Get the kids to choose their favourite book, turn the lights off, cuddle up and read by torchlight.

Put on a show
Give the kids a stage and you may be impressed by the stories they come up with. Make costumes, stage settings and props – then invite friends and family around to watch the show. Performance activities are great for improving younger one's confidence and getting everyone involved.

Do you have some good ideas for rainy play days? Share your tips below...
Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids