How to take purrfect photos of your pets

Tips to make your pets look their best

How To Take The Most Purrfect Pictures Of Your Pets
Lifestyle pet photographer Seth Casteel reveals how to take the best pictures of your pets. Here's his top tips.

Find the right lighting. If you're going to be inside, try and take pictures during the day, ideally near a window with your pet facing the light. You want to see little flecks of light in there eyes - those are called 'catch lights'.

It's best to turn your flash off, particularly if you are using your phone. Using a flash can lead to 'red eye'. For outdoors, try and take pictures in the shade.

Keep your pet in focus and maintain eye contact. You can also shift your focus by zooming in on certain physical characteristics that can capture what makes your pet truly unique.

More top tips

It's good if you get on to your pet's level, to feel like you're 'in their world'. When you do that with your camera, pictures look way more interesting.

Take lots of pictures. The best thing about camera phones is that you can take as many as you want and then choose the best ones. This increases the chances of getting that amazing picture.

Get creative with your camera phone settings. As well as changing the camera effects on your phone, you can also buy attachable lenses.

Try using a fish-eye lens. They are great for making your dog or cat look like a cartoon and they allow you to get up close and personal. The closer the lens gets, the more exciting the pictures are going to be.