Do you need to wear a hearing aid?

4 million people in the UK who need to wear one choose not to

Why You Should Get Your Hearing Checked
The NHS estimates that there are 4 million people who suffer from hearing loss in the UK who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid, but don't.

Similarly, in the US only 14 per cent of the 40 million people there with hearing loss wear hearing aids.

According to audiology specialist, Louise Hart from Action on Hearing Loss, many people are put off the idea of wearing hearing aids because they think they are unsightly and that they will make them look old.

"What they might not realise is that modern hearing aids are a great improvement on those that were available even a decade ago.

"Not only do today's digital hearing aids work better than the older analogue ones, they're also much smaller and neater than they used to be. Wearing them should be as unremarkable as wearing glasses," she says.


Research has found that wearing hearing aids can lessen the impact that hearing loss has on your life, says the NHS.

Hearing aids are designed to help you hear everyday sounds and they should make you feel more confident when talking to people and make it much easier for you to follow conversations in different environments.

According to a survey by Action on Hearing Loss, people who use hearing aids are generally very satisfied with them. More than half of those questioned described being fitted with a hearing aid as "a relief" and most of them felt their lives had improved because they "felt more involved".