Ducks given their own walking path along London canal

'Duck lane' designated by Canal & Rivers Trust

Ducks Get Their Own Walking Path in Britain
A walking lane entirely reserved for ducks has been designated along a canal path in the London borough of Islington.

The Canal & River Trust, which looks after thousands of miles of Britain's waterways, noticed that the path was becoming increasingly congested with walkers, joggers and cyclists.

With more and more of us are now enjoying spending our leisure time along canals, particularly in London and other large towns and cities, some are starting to resemble the M25 during rush hour.

The Trust says: "We love and care for your canals and rivers because everyone deserves a place and escape." It seems they have now extended that sentiment to birds.

They came up with the idea of spray painting an image of a duck inside a designated 'duck walking lane' close to the canal's edge in north London.


But how will the ducks know to keep in lane and not veer towards oncoming traffic? And will humans stick to the rules and not invade duck territory?

Well, it turns out this scheme is not entirely bird-brained.

It's just the Trust's way of reminding people on the canal - especially speeding cyclists - that the paths are for everyone to share.

The Canal & River Trust's Dick Vincent said: "It simply points out to everybody that you can't have a lane for every single type of use. You can't have a lane for the ducks and the cyclists and the people walking.

"So what we're asking is for everybody to share the space."