Cat trapped on roof for two months finally rescued

Feline tempted into cage and taken to safety

Cat Trapped on Roof for Months Finally Rescued
Video has emerged of a cat being rescued in China after being stuck on a roof for two whole months.

The video, captured on Sunday in Shandong, shows people placing a cage filled with fish bait on the roof, in an attempt to coax the cat into it.

The cat looks unsure at first, but before long it's tucking into the fishy treat - the first food it has eaten in some time.

When the unlucky feline finally gets into the cage, a man on the roof closes the door and carries the cat down to safety.

Nine lives

It's not unusual for cats to get stuck in strange places in China. Earlier this year, a cat and her kitten faced almost certain death after getting trapped between the double glazing in a window in Sichuan Province.

The two felines were visibly stuck in the narrow gap, although it is unclear how the animals ended up in such a bizarre predicament, reports The Mirror.

It is thought the cats could have suffocated if they had been forced to remain in the window for a long period of time.

Bu a kindhearted passersby noticed the animals and immediately set about trying to rescue them by digging a hole beneath the window. A video shows the man reaching his hand into the gap and pulling both animals to safety.

Despite being obviously stressed, the two cats survived the ordeal without injury, according to Chinese media reports.