Foods to banish bloating

For days when you struggle with your skinny jeans

25 Ways to Beat Bloat Every Single Day

Exercise and stomach stretches can help reduce your tendency to feel bloated - but there are some foods which you can eat without feeling too stuffed afterwards.

Bananas may feel heavy, but they do not make you gain weight. Quite the opposite. They're loaded with filling fibre and potassium, which helps to relieve water retention.

Tomatoes are super-low-cal fruits which are rich in potassium, like bananas, which helps rid your body of belly-bloating sodium.

Avocados are filled with healthy, filling monounsaturated fat. Spread on whole-wheat bread for avocado toast, or slice up and mix it into any salad. Also, try using fresh meats like ham in your salad.

Try using brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice is a complex carb and takes a long time to digest, helping to keep you full so you don't crave a snack.

Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are packed with healthy, filling omega-3 fatty acids, which are structural fats, not storage fats, so they're less likely to be stored in a layer of belly fat.

Try eating fruit with the skin on, like apples. A recent study found that noshing on an apple before you eat a meal may help you eat less later, thanks to its filling fibre. And Watermelons are packed with water, so you can eat loads of it, like cucumbers.

There are also things to avoid. These include foods with too much salt, sugar-free sweets, fizzy drinks and anything with artificial sweeteners.

The Most Common Reasons You're Feeling Bloated