How often should you wash your hair?

You can have too much of a good thing


How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Don't want huge, bouffant hair? But don't want it to be lank and greasy either? Finding the right balance can be tricky - and you want your hair to stay in good condition, too.

Knowing when and when not to wash your hair will dramatically improve its look and condition. Men's magazine GQ explains the rules.

Washing your hair every day - with either shampoo and conditioner, or just shampoo - strips it of its natural oils. This leaves it frizzy and dried out. You can still shower every day and get your hair wet every day, but don't wash it every day. It's just not good for your hair, the magazine says.

If your hair is used to being washed squeaky-clean every day, it's also used to over-producing oil as compensation. The finer and longer your hair, the more oily it will appear between washes.

Leaving you with greasy roots and dried-out ends is not your strongest look and not something anyone wants to touch.

Don't go shampoo cold turkey

So, shouldn't you just bite the bullet and endure a few days or weeks of greasy hair? If that's the only choice, yeah.

But it turns out you don't have to go cold turkey. Cleansing conditioner can wean you off shampoo and actually make your hair look and smell better. Without any harsh detergents, it simply removes dirt and adds moisture.

Thing is, it might not be that easy to get hold of some. It might, however, be sitting in your girlfriend's bathroom right now. Maybe you should ask her!

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