Dog chained up outside for entire life given new home

Kind passer by saves 'Rusty' from life of cruelty

An Emotional and Inspiring Dog Rescue Story
After being chained up outside for his entire life, this brave dog was finally rescued from a life of cruelty. Now named Rusty Diamond, he now has a chance of a happy life.

He was chained up in a yard in Phoenix, Arizona, barking at passers by all day. But one, named Jared, decided to stop and say hello.

Jared began to stop by every day, and Rusty grew friendlier, wagging his tail for rare treats.

Rusty's conditions were deplorable. He had flies all over his body and a tumor on his belly. Jared knew he had to get him somewhere safe.

One day as he was stopping to see Rusty, his owner came out of the house. She casually told him that he had been chained up for 10-15 years.

First ever bath

At the vet's office they had to cut his collar off his neck since it hadn't been unhooked for so many years, reports The Dodo.

And then Rusty enjoyed his very first bath. It took a long time to scrub off the dirt and motor oil that was caked into his coat.

Jared couldn't adopt the dog himself, but he gave him a place to stay while they looked for an adoptive family. Meanwhile, Rusty got all the medical care he needed and became a healthy, happy dog.

And then, amazingly, Jared found the perfect family for Rusty. A big house with a huge yard to run around in, loving people and lots of doggie brothers and sisters.