Cheating partners confess on secret-sharing app

App allows those who strayed to reveal all

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Using the secret-sharing app Whisper, anonymous posters have been offering up stories of getting caught cheating on their partner, owning up - and only occasionally learning their lesson, reports the Daily Mail.

One person using the app confessed that they had been forced to face up to the worst case scenario, having seen his world turned upside down after his affair came to light.

"I lost my fiance (and) my house, and I get to see my kids half as much as I used to," he wrote. "It's not worth it. Don't do it."

Instant karma

Another had karma turn the tables on him, after he found out his girlfriend was running around behind his back, too: "I cheated and never got caught, but I caught her cheating (and) forgave her, then lost her to the other dude," he wrote.

One person, however, was able to see the humour in a similar situation - most likely because of the couple's common cheating denominator.

"We all laughed it off," the confessor explained. "Turns out my girlfriend was also cheating... with the same girl."

Not everyone on the app who admitted to sneaking around felt bad about it.

One heartless person with no remorse even made her significant other say he was sorry for causing her to cheat in the first place, explaining: "I convinced him it was his fault. He apologised. I continued to cheat. I made him feel like he had to work harder."

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