Egg-cellent! Gadget makes scrambled eggs inside the shell

Creator says it makes the eggs taste nicer

Amazing Whole Egg Scrambler Device

Did you ever think it would be possible to scramble eggs before you even crack open the shell?

Whether raw or hard boiled, this gadget scrambles whole eggs with the shell still on!

A Chicago-based entrepreneur came up with the cracking idea. The £10 ($17) contraption gently spins the egg, blending the yolk and the white without cracking the shell itself.

The already-scrambled egg can then be soft or hard boiled - and its creator, Geraint Krumpe, claims the ingenious method makes them taste far better than regular eggs.

The device, which features a capsule for the egg suspended between two cords, was inspired by a Victorian era child's toy. Pulling the two cords apart causes the capsule to gently spin, mixing the egg's contents without damaging the fragile shell.

'Creamier, custardy tasting egg'

Mr Krumpe is currently seeking funding for the product, named Goose, on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter, and if successful plans to launch the product later this year, reports the Daily Mail.

"I worked on the Goose for one year before I finally got the finished product," said Mr Krumpe. "The result is a gadget that can fit any egg in and is guaranteed not to break the shell.

"In the culinary world people are always looking to create different flavour profiles using the chemistry of cooking and this is exactly what the Goose does."

Because the egg is scrambled inside the shell, air doesn't get into the egg. "The result is a much creamier, custardy tasting egg which is far superior to normal scrambled eggs," he said.

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