Homeless poodle given makeover and new home

Dog's hair was so matted it couldn't see


Homeless Poodle with Severely Matted Hair Looks Unrecognizable

Dog rescue organisation Hope for Paws recently received a call about a severely matted homeless dog living in Los Angeles who was in dire need of help.

When they arrived to see the pup, it appeared scared and could barely see through the hair on its face. The rescuers couldn't recognise if it was male or female.

She eventually warmed to the kind-hearted humans and was taken back to the dog shelter.

After hours at the groomer, the dog, who was named Dolly, was completely transformed! Once she was clean cut and happy, Dolly's personality started to shine through and she was soon adopted into a happy new home.

Siblings rescued

It follows the heartwarming story about a pair of dogs who were rescued living near a Los Angeles sewer for several months.

Pepsi and Cola, two poodles, were rescued by Home for Paws who brought them to safety. Hope for Paws, an animal rescue operation based in California, staged the rescue after they received a call that two dogs were living under the I-5 freeway.

The dogs, who are brother and sister had clearly developed an awe-inspiring bond as they struggled to survive in the toughest conditions, reports the Daily Mail.

A family who had fed the dogs while they were in the sewer were reunited with them and were amazed at how well the poodles looked.

The dogs are now up for adoption. But they want prospective parents to adopt both of them together as their bond is so strong they would hate to be apart.

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