Delicious low carb, fat and salt ideas

Festive Cranberry Granola Recipe

There is always the worry that restricting your diet will be stifling, resulting in tasteless dishes which take all the fun out of mealtimes. Learning a few tricks of the trade can make that a thing of the past, as shown in this cranberry granola video. This crunchy cereal is bursting with goodness and flavour, but it's also low in salt.

Many foods contain high levels of salt, even without the extra pinches added at the table. Eating more than the recommended amount of salt can raise your risk of heart attack and stroke, so it's important to watch how much you're consuming. Adding poached pears to your morning cereal is a healthy way to kick off the day, and a low salt lunch such as this bean and pepper salad or corn and chicken chowder will help you cut down.

More low salt suggestions:
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Fruit with chilli salt
Trout and wheat salad
Fruit and nut discs

Cutting the carbs
Anyone who remembers the Atkins diet will know low-carb plans have been around for years. The thinking is that reducing your intake of starchy foods cuts hunger pangs, helps keep your weight stable and reduces blood sugar levels.

Eggs are a great option if you're trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrate in your diet, seen here teamed with avocado or in these bacon cups. If you prefer meat in your meals, make sure you include lots of flavouring as in this beef in ginger and garlic. Making a tangy salsa to go with salmon will ensure your fish packs a punch too. Don't forget cheese either – it's low carb but high in fat, so don't overdo it.

How to do low-carb:
Tangerine beef
Egg and bacon salad
Juniper and peppercorn salmon
Beef with yellow peppers

Cutting back on fat
This is the big one for many of us, not least because low-fat foods sometimes lack flavour. That's particularly the case when it comes to puddings, so what can be done about it? It's all about the ingredients, as these low-fat chocolate soufflés show. Simple switches, like substituting low fat milk in place of whole milk, really help.

Making main meals in this category is all about the sauce you choose. A creamy curry could be crammed with fat, but lemon chicken is just as delicious without being as damaging to the waistline. Or try a Thai chicken pot roast – no one can accuse that of being bland.

More ideas:
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Roast chicken with lemon
Mango and passion fruit brulee
Roast pepper and tomato soup

Or watch these for inspiration:

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