How to be sugar savvy

Cutting down on sweetness doesn't have to be boring

How to Make a Healthier Chocolate Cake

The concept of a 'low sugar' diet fills most people with dread. Once upon a time, it could have meant lettuce and little else, but things have come on leaps and bounds. It's now possible to have low-sugar treats which are tasty too, as the video above shows. It's not often you'll find a chocolate cake which is light on sugar, but this one manages it. Instead the sweetness comes from honey in the icing and stevia, which is a plant-based sugar substitute available from supermarkets, health food shops and online.

Fruit is one of the trickiest areas if you are trying to cut down on the white stuff - as many popular fruits such as apples, grapes and pineapples are full of fructose - a type of natural sugar. So instead make smart fruit decisions and opt for things like this raspberry and blueberry smoothie. Cranberries are also lower in fructose, so this apple and cranberry drink is another safer bet.

More fruity favourites:
Banana, mango and orange smoothie
Blueberry and oat bars
Cranberry, brie and onion tart
Berry and fromage frais fool

Main meals are probably the easiest place to reduce sugar content, as long as you stick to some rules. Lean meat with vegetables, like this turkey and orange stir fry, are a safe bet. Salads such as this wild rice and turkey one are also quick and easy, as long as you're careful with the dressings. Balsamic vinegar, for example, has a lot of sugar, so use sparingly, as are many shop-bought dressings, relishes and sauces. As ever, check the labels for sugar content before using.

Other low-sugar mains:
Turkey and sausage stew
Pasta with roasted tomatoes
Lemon mushroom spaghetti

If you fancy a treat, pizza can be a low-sugar option, but you'll need to be careful about the toppings as some tomato sauces can be sugar-rich. For that reason, making your own pizza, like this goat's cheese and mushroom one, is preferable. If you want to really push the boat out, how about this cauliflower version? It's made using cauliflower rice so it's healthier than normal pizza, but it packs a taste punch too.

More treat ideas:
Cajun popcorn
Fiorentina pizza
Cherry tomato and rocket pizza

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