How to accurately measure a portion of spaghetti

Trick to avoid leftover pasta

Life Hack: How to Accurately Measure a Portion of Spaghetti

We've all done it: make a delicious bolognese sauce and end up with either too much pasta on the plate compared to sauce, or loads left over in the pan.

Recipes for pasta dishes vary, but on average the advice is to prepare between 75g-115g (3oz-4oz) of dried pasta per person.

Firstly, who is going to weigh pasta? Life is way too short. And how does this equate to a handful? Not sure?

Well, this simple trick on how to measure individual portions of spaghetti will definitely come in handy the next time you need to cook for a group of friends!

Bottling it

Grab some spaghetti, just enough to fit snuggly upright into an empty small water bottle. This will be around the perfect amount for one person. (Don't try this with penne, for obvious reasons).

If it doesn't seem enough, remember it swells up during cooking. Now you should have just the right amount to compliment the sauce.

Other tips: Putting oil in the boiling water is pretty pointless and tends to stop the sauce clinging to the pasta. Always put plenty of salt in the water, though.

Finally, take the spaghetti out of the water just before it's cooked al-dente, and finish it off in the sauce where the two can become good mates before making it to the plate.

Or, if you're having a 1970s themed dinner party, put the pasta on the plate, make a small well in the middle and fill it with your sauce.

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