Your feet could be the secret to a good night's sleep

Leaving one or both out of the covers could cure restlessness


The Secret To Falling Asleep? Your Feet

We've all had restless nights in bed, and it turns out this may be due to your body temperature being a little too high.

So before you buy a new mattress or download the latest app, there's a far cheaper way to get some decent shut-eye.

The best trick to solving your bad sleep problems is an extremely simple one: keep one or both feet out from under the covers.

Just before sleep, our bodies begin to power down by getting rid of heat. In fact, sleeping body temperature is about one to two degrees Fahrenheit cooler than when we are awake.

Scientists think this allows us to conserve energy during so that you can wake up energised and refreshed.

As our feet are remarkably good at pushing heat away from the body, leaving one or both out of the covers can facilitate getting to the perfect body temperature ready for a good's night's rest.

What's the secret?

Scientists are not entirely sure how this works, but our feet are relatively hairless appendages which makes them better at conducting heat away from the body.

Second, they contain special types of blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomoses that expel heat from the body.

These types of blood vessels are most prominent in the pads and nail beds of our fingers and in our toes, but are also spread across our ears, noses, eyelids, lips, cheeks, and forehead.

That's why your fingers, toes, and nose get coldest when it's chilly out.

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