Fast food favourites reinvented

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How to Make Gordon Ramsay's Smoky Pork Sliders With BBQ Sauce

What's tastier than a burger? Well not much really. Once relegated to fast food chains and greasy food joints, meat patties have had a resurgence of late and gourmet burger restaurants are now popping up all over.

Along with becoming one of the food scene's trendiest, and tastiest, treats, the revamped burger has been adapted to keep it current. Patties inside doughnuts and burgers with peanut butter are just two of the new incarnations, but by far and away the most popular are sliders - the mini variety! Chef Gordon Ramsey is a fan, subscribing to the mantra that every burger needs a great sauce.

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If you're more of a chicken fan, then let the US deep South inspire you with its fried chicken. For a more Asian-inspired dish, duck spring rolls always tick the right box. And if you're craving something with a bit more of a kick, get your jerk on with Gordon's homemade Jamaican classic.

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If you're going big with your mains, don't forget to serve up a party-pleasing dessert. As well as nailing burgers, the Americans also know a thing or two about the sweet course. Nut and marshmallow fans will salivate at this nutty marshmallow rocky road cake. Equally chocolate lovers won't be able to resist a homemade Malteaser cake.

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