Top 10 foods that are still great cold

There's life yet in those leftovers


Top 10 Foods That are Still Great Cold

Time to raid the fridge! Some cooked foods are just as good a few hours later for a sneaky midnight snack - or even the next day.

10. Pasta: Cooked pasta dishes, whether they be lasagne or spaghetti bolognese, can be just as good after they've cooled down. The flavour in the sauce, particularly, continues to develop and can often taste even better the next day.

9. Fried chicken: It loses it's crispiness as it cools, but gets a whole new texture making it easier to eat. The flavour develops, too. A great picnic snack.

8. Sausage rolls: Could be one of the few foods that tastes even better after it cools down - and the pastry tends to be less soggy.

7. Bacon: There's a reason the BLT has grown in popularity. Cold bacon, though a poor relation to the hot kind, has an increased saltiness all of its own. Also good in salads.

6. Samosa: This pastry-wrapped Indian treat becomes softer to eat when cold, and the meat, spices and vegetables inside have had time to become better friends.

Top 5

5. Meatloaf: Not the singer, the famous American diner dish. Minced meat covered with a sauce and baked. Left to go cold, it makes a great sandwich filling.

4. Pop-tarts: The obvious reason being they are not as hot as the surface of the sun when allowed to cool down.

3. Spring rolls: Similar to a sausage roll, these Chinese snacks age well and are easier to pick up and eat when cold.

2. Curry: Saucy dishes tend to develop well over night, but drier tandoori chicken that has gone cold can be a delicious daytime or midnight snack.

1. Pizza: No surprises here. Cold pizza has an identity all of its own. Down to the fact that it's mostly bread and cheese, it works just as well when left to go cold. It's the take-out that keeps on giving.

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