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The Lighter Option: Low Fat Chicken Curry

Who says healthy meals have to be boring? Even a chicken curry can be tasty and low in calories, with this delicious option combining full-on flavour with a light sauce of chopped tomatoes and creamy dollop of low fat natural yoghurt.

Like the Mediterranean style of eating, Asian food is known for its health benefits so rather than order from your local takeaway, head to the kitchen. This wasabi and ginger tofu salad makes a tasty lunch. It might sound exotic but most of the ingredients are widely available you can purchase in your local supermarket, like root ginger, sunflower seeds and soy sauce.

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If you're not a fan of spice, there are other low fat dishes which are more traditional such as this one-pot chicken. Not only does it make a delicious dinner, but you can also have leftovers for lunch. For a meat-free option, salmon and noodles is light and filling.

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It might seem hard, but it is possible to be healthy with your puddings too. Crème brûlée may sound like a decadent choice, but this mango and passion fruit creation uses low-fat crème fraîche and yoghurt.

Muffins shouldn't be neglected as a pudding either, as these rhubarb and marzipan ones give you the perfect fix when craving something sweet.

A great light dinner party pud is this apple and berry oat crumble. Both ingredients are high in fibre, while the oats are a slow-release carbohydrate which will keep you fuller for longer. Rather than serving with ice cream, why not add a scoop of frozen yoghurt for that creamy extra luxury without the fat?

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Or maybe you're looking for some low-calorie snacks to graze on throughout the day. These sweetcorn and lime fritters taste great hot or cold, or stop your tummy rumbling with these healthy oven-baked French fries. Ditch the ketchup and serve them with low-calorie guacamole dip.

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