Bionic mind-control limbs for amputees

Cutting-edge technology developed by Icelandic firm

Building the Future Human

Amputees will soon be able to control their bionic limbs using thought control.

The cutting-edge technology has been developed by Icelandic orthopedics company Ossur, a leading developer of bionic limbs.

Ossur describes its mission as the manufacture of non-invasive orthopedic equipment intended to improve mobility and quality of life for people who have injuries or disorders of the joints, bones or related muscles.

The firm, based in Reykjavik, is now producing state-of-the-art bionic prosthetic lower limbs, which the wearer can control using his or her mind.

The device is based on a combination of mechanics and electronics - known as 'mechatronics'. Very small sensors, which detect electrical impulses from the brain, are surgically placed in an amputee's residual muscle tissue.

These impulses are then picked up by a receiver in one of the prosthetic limbs, such as the Symbionic Leg, allowing for an instantaneous physical movement of the prosthesis.

Products on offer

Other bionic prosthetic devices produced by the company include the Proprio Foot, which is intended to function like a natural foot and has similar artificial intelligence to the Symbionic Leg.

The Rheo Knee uses a microprocessor-powered bionic knee that continuously adapts to the user and the environment. The Power Knee helps above-knee amputees maintain walking speeds and assists with upward-motion.

All of these products are capable of integrating with Ossur's mind control technology.

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