Lazy weekend breakfasts

Take some time out to enjoy these treats


How to Make a Fresh Bloody Mary Cocktail

Weekends are for relaxing, so what could be better than grabbing the papers and having a good read over a late breakfast? You can make quite a spread if you put your mind to it, leaving enough to nibble on during the afternoon too. And if the sun's over the yardarm, why not make yourself a Bloody Mary? It's the ideal drink for those who went a little overboard the night before, but remember - it's all about the ingredients. Good quality vodka and balanced seasoning will make all the difference.

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The first meal of the day is the most important, so pepper it with nutritious goodies. Eggs offer a feast of options. You could go simple with these boiled eggs with mustard soldiers or try something a little more luxurious like these creamy eggs with smoked salmon. If that sounds a little heavy, try scrambling some eggs and adding smoked salmon instead.

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With all of this talk of eggs don't forget their partner in crime: bacon. Bacon and egg cups are a new take on the traditional fry-up, not least because they have some goat cheese hiding in the centre. A little more unusual is this bacon and beans dish, which combines the meat with chopped tomatoes and borlotti beans for a healthier take on the baked variety. If you want to really give your family a treat, whip up some of these bacon and potato muffins - you won't be able to stick to just one.

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If you prefer to gorge on super-healthy breakfast food, these crunchy honey yogurts might suit you. Stuffed with flaked almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a drizzle of honey adds some sweetness too. Toffee apple porridge will also give you a boost at the start of a busy day, while fruit-lovers would enjoy these passionfruit yogurts.

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