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Heston Prawn Cocktail Recipe

In these days of snail porridge and squid ink risotto, it's easy to forget about the great British classics. Tried and tested flavourings don't have to be boring if the dishes are made in the right way, after all.

If we're talking about iconic meals, what could be more so than a classic prawn cocktail? It's much easier than you'd think, plus you can impress by telling everyone you've made your own mayo. The one above is Heston Blumenthal's guilty pleasure, so prepare to get addicted. Don't forget about soups either. This tomato version only takes ten minutes to make but packs in the flavour thanks to the red peppers.

If you're looking for something a little heartier, how about that Sunday lunch favourite of roast chicken? Nothing beats the combination of the sage and onion stuffing with this one. Beef is another sure-fire crowd pleaser, especially if you make a few extra Yorkshire puddings for the troops. Anyone wanting to get decadent could try this pork with fennel, which includes mascarpone in the sauce.

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Many British meal stalwarts are one-pot dishes too - excellent if you want to cut down on the washing up. Shepherd's pie is an obvious choice, and this recipe gives it an indulgent twist thanks to the cheese included in the mash. Fish and chips will always go down well with the family as well, plus this version is markedly healthier than the takeaway option.

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We can't forget the traditional pie either. There are so many options with these, but chicken and mushroom in puff pastry remains a staple. This cider chicken version is a little different, as it uses half a pint of the drink to give the meat some more flavour. Anyone worried those sound a little too heavy can go down the healthy route with a fish pie instead. Swapping the mashed potatoes for cauliflower helps cut the calories, and there's lots of veg in it too.

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