Hidden signs you're not drinking enough water

Reasons you should keep yourself hydrated

9 Hidden Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water
Drinking lots of water is good for your health in more ways than one.

Your body needs water to work properly and to avoid dehydration. It has no calories and contains no sugars that can damage your teeth.

Drinking water also lubricates our eyes, aids digestion and flushes out waste and toxins.

The NHS says that in climates such as the UK's, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of water every day to stop us getting dehydrated. In hotter climates, where perspiration rate is increased, we need to drink even more.

We can also become dehydrated as a result of an illness, so drinking water is important during episodes of persistent vomiting and diarrhoea, or sweating from a fever.

Are you drinking enough water?

Here are five signs that you might not be adequately hydrating yourself during the day.

You might be constantly feeling tired and worn out. Health experts say that drinking the right amount of water can boost your energy levels.

Without enough water your skin can become dry and you may see extra wrinkles appearing. It's essential for healthy skin to drink plenty of fluids.

Also, your body's joints can hurt. Water lubricates the joints and can help to alleviate pain.

Not drinking enough water can weaken your immune system. Proper hydration can help prevent coughs, colds and the flu.

Finally, you might be gaining weight because of a lack of water. Studies have shown that drinking water can control appetite and keep calories down.