Transgender love: Chelsea and Carla both born male

Chelsea's new boyfriend made startling admission

Transgender Love: Chelsea And Carla Were Both Born Male
When transgender woman Chelsea Jade, 28, from Ireland, met Craig Jones, 23, from Belfast, she thought she had finally found the perfect relationship.

Chelsea, who was born a boy called Jonathan, was overjoyed to find a man who accepted her past but little did she know that Craig was hiding a secret of his own.

Just months into their relationship, Craig made a startling admission: that he also wanted to become a woman.

Chelsea met car salesman Craig last year and believed she had finally found the chance to have a 'normal life'. Despite knowing she was transgender, Craig was keen to begin a relationship and the pair quickly hit it off.

But five months later Chelsea found a series of photos that Craig had uploaded to a dating site, showing the 24-year-old in high heels and short skirts.

A few week later he revealed a secret that he had kept to himself since the age of eight - that he wanted to live as 'Carla'.

Valentine's Day proposal

Chelsea is not sexually attracted to women and was startled by the revelation, saying it came as a complete surprise as Craig was a 'masculine guy' who likes to play football.

But having gone through the same experience, Chelsea was determined not to let the news ruin the bond that they had formed.

Despite not being attracted to Carla as a woman, she insists she has no plans to desert her.

Neither Chelsea or Carla are ruling out gender reassignment surgery in the future. But the couple already have plenty on their plate - after Chelsea proposed on Valentine's Day, reports the Daily Mail.